Passwords are something that is considered to be stored securely and is considered to be a sensitive piece of information for a user. Therefore, this sensitive data must be handled and stored securely and must not be misused for any un-ethical reasons.

In this article, I will be providing a demonstration on the ways that I” think a password can be securely stored on your SQL Database from input that is retrieved from a Java Swing GUI.

We will be taking a look at reading passwords from the GUI to storing it on the database to retrieving the password back…

Using Firebase With Angular

As a web developer , it is an absolute necessity to be able to develop a robust application with a secure/stable backend integrated to a robust front-end framework. However, the requirement of implementing a backend is often considered to be time-confusing, therefore a potential option might be to use Firebase (a backend on its own). Firebase offers developers an authentication service, storage service (to manage files on the server), hosting (static host) and a Realtime Database (along with FireStore) to manage data of your robust application.

Considering these services offered, integrating Firebase as a backend to your web app takes…

Lakindu Hewawasam

Final Year Undergraduate following Software Engineering at Staffordshire University with knowledge in Java, C#, Angular 11 and Node.js using AWS Serverless.

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