Learning git is a challenging obstacle for many, but once you grasp the fundamental commands, you are good to go!

Git might sound scary, but trust me its not. I used to think Git was a difficult VCS to learn but once I started playing around with it, boy, did it make my life easier.

Lets start off by asking, What is Git?

Well Git is software that we can use to track changes that we have made to any file. Yes, you heard it, any file. But this comes in handy especially for us developers. Haven’t we always had a time where we backup our codebase to…

Passwords are something that is considered to be stored securely and is considered to be a sensitive piece of information for a user. Therefore, this sensitive data must be handled and stored securely and must not be misused for any un-ethical reasons.

In this article, I will be providing a demonstration on the ways that I” think a password can be securely stored on your SQL Database from input that is retrieved from a Java Swing GUI.

We will be taking a look at reading passwords from the GUI to storing it on the database to retrieving the password back…

Using Firebase With Angular

As a web developer , it is an absolute necessity to be able to develop a robust application with a secure/stable backend integrated to a robust front-end framework. However, the requirement of implementing a backend is often considered to be time-confusing, therefore a potential option might be to use Firebase (a backend on its own). Firebase offers developers an authentication service, storage service (to manage files on the server), hosting (static host) and a Realtime Database (along with FireStore) to manage data of your robust application.

Considering these services offered, integrating Firebase as a backend to your web app takes…

Lakindu Hewawasam

Final Year Undergraduate following Software Engineering at Staffordshire University with knowledge in Java, C#, Angular 11 and Node.js using AWS Serverless.

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